“We just wanted to highlight a particularly brilliant care worker we have had since the start of the package. Her skills have been exemplary and she has always been very kind and patient on shift. She has been totally professional as a care worker - never moaning, loyal in all respects and aware of her full duties”.
“We would like to commend our care workers as exceptional, supporting my partner beyond and above normal expectations of care”.
“I worked with HFH for six months now and what I love about them is they are so organised in everything. I recommended for all my friends”.
“I am delighted to report that we have a dream team of four carers all with excellent relationships with each other and providing consistent excellent support”.

“Thank you so much, I feel really cared for, and that has never happened with an agency before”.

“My wonderful care worker, who cares for me from day one, since I've started using the HFH services, came to meet me in hospital. From my first look at her I felt that she was an extremely compassionate and caring person, which proved right when she actually started caring for me. My first day out of the hospital, was a horrible day, because we all had to learn how to make me comfortable in my home environment, with all my equipment that keeps me alive. My care worker came armoured with the endless amount of patience, an open mind, and willingness to learn everything that can make me to feel comfortable. That day passed relatively well, mostly because of her. It was very painful for me, but she showed a tremendous amount of patience and I will always remember her comforting words”.